“We Aren’t Getting Out Alive” – Make It Count!

We won't get out of life alive.  So make it count.No, I am not predicting a huge catastrophe, destroying the world.  And I am not stuck in a disaster area.

But I remember hearing someone say that about life:  “We aren’t getting out of here alive.”  Simple.  And profound.

Between birth and death, what is life about?

I have come to believe that we humans have a unique gift:  we are built to make an impact, a difference in life.  We can make a negative impact or a positive impact.  But we WILL make an impact.

As I have watched people, when you aim at positive impact, your life takes on purpose and meaning.  It becomes significant to you.  And you begin to move toward something bigger and greater.

Are you standing in the impact zone, or are you still stuck?