Choosing Plan C

Time to choose Plan C, Option 3.Too often, we get stuck in “either/or” thinking.  We believe that our choice is either A or B.  And usually, the magic is in plan C (or D – Z).

Our “binary thinking” trips us up.  We just see things that way:  left/right, yes/no, good/bad, up/down, even Democrat/Republican.  And because of that binary thinking, we start missing the myriad of other options.

Unfortunately, that leaves us with few (well, 2) options when we make decisions.  Usually, those two options lack in potential for getting us anywhere new.

I have often found myself acting as if there were only 2 choices.  But one particular experience of being stuck between option 1 and option 2 taught me that option 3 was what made all the difference.  It changed my entire trajectory of life.

Want to hear about it and how to find your option 3/plan C?  Listen below.

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