Life Has Challenges

Immutable Law of Living:  Life Has Challenges.  The challenges and struggles are inevitable.  How you respond and react, that is up to you.Last week, I discussed the fact that life isn’t fair.  That is the first immutable law of living.  Because when you struggle against it, trying to make life fair, you lose.  When you accept life isn’t fair, you shift.  Life isn’t about fairness.

In fact, one of the reasons we believe life isn’t fair is because tough things happen in life.  Challenges and tragedies strike.  We believe these are anomalies, things that shouldn’t happen.  So we start struggling against those challenges.

Which leads us to the second Immutable Law of Living:  Life Has Challenges.  No way around it.  Challenges come our way.

We have no choice about the challenges.  We do have a choice on what we do when the challenge comes our way.  We can protest that “this shouldn’t be happening,” even continuing that “this isn’t fair.”  And yet, those things still come our way.

How do we respond, then, to the challenges that come our way?

Immutable Laws Of Living Series:
Life Isn’t Fair