Why We Worry (And How To Stop!)

WhyWeWorrysmWe worry.  In spite of songs telling us, “Don’t Worry, Be Happy,” we still wake up in a cold sweat.

Or maybe you find yourself sitting at your desk, fretting about what might go wrong at home, at work, or anywhere else in life.

And if you have kids. . . don’t get me started!  From the time they are born until, well, the rest of our lives, we can spend our time worrying.

But do we have to?

Or is it just a very bad habit?

Perhaps we have made a mistake.  Have you mistakenly believed that worrying was the same as caring?  That if you cared for someone, you needed to worry?  Worry becomes an expression of care.

But does that have to be?

Let me just suggest that worry is more habit than necessity.  Sure, those worry lines may still form.  But what if you could reduce the amount of worry?  What if you could even decide when and how worry can be productive, and learn to let the rest go?

Let me challenge you to give me a listen, then try my approach, and then decide if it is possible to reduce or stop your worrying.