Fueling Your Thriving Body, Part 2 – Your Questions Answered

Your Thriving Body Series

Part 2 of fueling your thriving body.  Answering your questions.Two podcasts ago, I covered fueling your thriving body (how to eat to thrive).

That raised some questions.  So this week, I answer your questions.

Let’s talk some more about the best sources for energy when you are fueling that thriving body.

And I can tell you some more of the reasons I have chosen the approach I follow.

It may not fit for you.  But just last night, I was chatting with several people who adopted my strategy when they saw the changes in my life.  To a person, they have become healthier and more resilient.  Several were able to drop prescriptions.  Several reported having symptoms disappear — things that had kept them from being active and involved (thriving, I would say).

Listen below for the 2nd part of Fueling Your Thriving Body.

Your Thriving Body Series:
Fueling Your Thriving Body
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