Your Guide To A Guilt-Free NO: #49 Thriveology Podcast

"No" is a complete sentence.The favorite word of a two year-old:  “NO!”  That toddler says it freely, with meaning and conviction.

Many of us lose that capacity of “No” soon after.

Instead of having control over our lives, we turn it over to others.  We are asked to do something, and we say “yes,” whether we want to or not.



There is some part of us that feels the need to say “yes” when asked. . . and in so doing, we lose control over our own lives.

“No” has power.  It helps you mark who you are and what you are about. . . but only if you use it.

In truth, there is no way to say “YES” unless we can say “NO.”

If we cannot say no, we cannot fully commit to the yeses of life.  Everything becomes a “Yes,” which means we are not truly making a choice.

But how do you say “No?”  How do you choose when to say “No”?

Join me on this week’s Thriveology Podcast, as we explore the power of “NO.”

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