Living The Big Stuff: An Interview with Kristine Carlson

I finished my training in psychotherapy, and promptly realized I had a thorough education in what is wrong with people.  I was far less clear about what is right with people — how people bounce back, thrive, and grow through all of life’s challenges.

This began a search for me, to educate myself on how to help people to thrive.  But my first project was (and is) myself.  Along the way, I stumbled upon Richard Carlson, author of the Don’t Sweat The Small Stuff series.  I dug deeper and found a deeper pool in the thinking behind the popular series.

This was my first immersion into the ideas about thoughts and how thoughts weave our reality.  I learned that my thoughts are simply that:  thoughts.  Simple, but revolutionary, when we generally confuse thought and reality.

Kristine CarlsonTragically, Richard died in December of 2006.  His wife and co-author, Kristine Carlson, carried on their efforts to bring joy and peace to many.  It is fitting that almost exactly eight years later, I got the opportunity to interview Kris.  Since I had been following her during these past years, I knew she had much to offer on her own.  She shared in Richard’s thoughts and understandings.  But her grief over his loss taught her even deeper lessons.

Today, Kristine shares her lessons with us:  how she moved through grief to a deeper understanding of life, how we can stop sweating the small stuff and live through the big stuff, how we can get out of our own way and get in touch with a deeper essence, how to be more and more present.

This is a rich interview, and one you will want to listen through a couple of times, to make sure you take it all in.

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