Worry Less, Live More

Don't let worry steal your attention!I keep trying to figure out what the opposite word of “worry” is.  That would be when you are constantly thinking about all the good things that might happen.

My guess is, there is no such word, because worry is what people do, not the opposite.

In 1883, Andrew Carnegie had a character in a novel say, “I have been surrounded by trouble all my life long, but there is a curious thing about them — nine-tenths of them never happened.”

Isn’t that just the nature of worry?  We keep on worrying, even though the things we worry about almost never happen.  The things that DO happen are usually surprises.  But every now and then, we are right  something we worry about happens.  And we just use that as proof that we should worry.

We are in the middle of a series on fear, and I hear people lump “worries and fears” together.   But worries are just wastes of mental energy.  They are useless.  Fear, on the other hand, can point you toward the important things.  Worry just gets our attention, distracting us from more important things.

You can’t stop the seeds of worry, but you can certainly give them less room to bloom and blossom, the weeds of your thinking that choke out more important things.

Let’s address the 5 steps to weeding out the worries.  Listen below.