What Thrivers Do To Raise Their Personal Standards

Raise your personal standards.What do you expect of yourself?  What are those traits in yourself that you think are crucial?  Those attributes you treasure?

Those are your Standards.  They mark what you expect of yourself, what you expect to live up to.

Last week, I discussed boundaries.  Boundaries are the “No’s” to others, “no, you can’t treat me that way.”

Standards are “Yes’s” to yourself, “yes, I will live my life that way.”  For example, “yes, I will be honest with others.”  Or “yes, I will be loyal to my friends.”  Or “yes, I will live up to my commitments.”

Thrivers know to define their Personal Standards.  But more than that, thrivers know they can raise their Standards — live them out to a higher and higher degree.

How about you?  Do you know your Standards?  Can you live them to a higher level?