A Thought Is A Thought

A thought is a thought.  Just a thought.  Not reality.  Just a thought.  YOU choose what to do with it.Pretty much all day, you are thinking.  That is built into our design.  We think, ponder, consider, worry over, dream about, and pretty much run everything through our thoughts.

That isn’t really a problem.  Except when we forget we are thinking.

When we forget we are thinking, we confuse those thoughts with reality.  And we start responding to reality from the basis of our thoughts — which are always at least a little faulty.

When we forget we are thinking, we assume that what pops in our head is reality and must be pondered.  So, we think and think, stirring thoughts into anxiety.  Then, we assume that, too, is true.

You can’t stop the thinking.  You can recognize a thought is a thought.

Listen below and let me know what you think!

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