Get Unstuck From Your Story: Interview with Kim Ades — #43

Every day, things happen to us.  Circumstances interrupt our lives.  Sometimes, we cause them.  Sometimes, life is just happening to us.

TheStoryYouTellSmallThen, we start telling ourselves stories about those events.  The events are one layer.  And they can be painful.

But much more damaging, and much more trapping, are the stories we tell ourselves about what happened to us.

Have you ever notice how some people keep saying the same things:  “Nobody likes me,” “Life isn’t fair,” “I never catch a break,” “It’s not my fault,” and other “stuck” stories?

Others tell stories of success, “I can’t believe how lucky I am,” “Something great just happened to me,” and other stories of good luck or success.

The difference between the two is rarely about the life events.  Good stuff and bad stuff happen to everyone.

The difference is in the narrative, the story of life, people tell themselves and others.

Kim AdesOn today’s Thriveology Podcast, I interview Kim Ades.  Kim is the president and chief coach of Frame Of Mind Coaching.  Kim helps people who are ready to really get to the top of their game/life get there.  She helps people discover the stories they tell themselves, and then change it!

Kim is responsible for helping many people transform their lives.

Listen in as Kim and I discuss how these stories grow in our lives — what causes them, why they stay around, and what to do about it.

In fact, Kim and I talk about some strategies you can use RIGHT NOW to start shifting your own story away from being stuck.

If you resonate with our conversation, you can connect with Kim at her website, Frame Of Mind Coaching (CLICK HERE).