Curiosity And That Cat: Killer or Thriver?

Curiosity did not kill the cat.  It helped the cat to thrive!Does “curiosity kill the cat?”  Hardly.  In fact, that is a mis-quote.

The actual quote is “care killed the cat.”  And that is probably MUCH more accurate these days!

Yet that same phrase about curiosity and death has been used to shut down the curiosity of many children and adults.

Too bad.  I would argue that curiosity is a cornerstone of a thriving life.  It leads us to new and different places.  It pushes us to take on challenges and to learn new things.  It stretches us beyond the current stuck place.

Curiosity is central to thriving MORE in life.  If you have forgotten how to be curious, listen in as we discuss just how important your curiosity can be.

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