The Problem Is Enough: #23 Thriveology Podcast

How to thrive in any situation.Problems.  We all have them.

Difficulties.  They come with living.

Tragedies.  It is a part of life.

This past couple of weeks, my wife has been in the hospital.  She was quite sick and feeling quite bad.  This event gave me a little “thought exercise.”  I realized that there were two things going on.  First, my wife was sick.  That was bad enough.  Next was my thinking about that.  I kept playing out scenarios.  It took a little time, but I managed to remind myself that thriving is about taking life as it comes.

Thriving does not happen when we get lost in our catastrophizing thinking.  It comes when we accept what has happened, and then decide what to do from there.

In this week’s podcast, I take a look at the fact that the problem is not the problem.  How we think about the problem IS the problem.