Fear Series, Part 2: The Fear Holding You Back — Thriveology Podcast

Fear Holding You BackFear isn’t something you can just turn on or off.  It is a fact of life.

The only real question is how much fear is going to run your life.  Unfortunately, fear is pretty good at acting like a friend, pretending to protect you.

Instead, fear just keeps you playing smaller than you should.  Fear keeps you from giving the world all that you have.

Oh, and here is the interesting thing:  the bigger that task, the bigger the fear.  The more important it is to you, the more you will feel the fear.  And the more the fear will pretend to protect.

There is not enough time, though, in life, to not live fully.  There is too much that each of us has to give, that each of us needs to become.

Join me in this podcast as we explore the ways that fear holds us back. . . and what to do about it!

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