You Are Designed For Impact!

We are designed for impact.  Immutable Law of Living.When I look around, it seems that everything has a design, a purpose.  Trees have a design of making leaves and fruit.  When the design fails, the tree fails and dies.

I believe humans have a design built in.  We are designed for making an impact.  The impact can be helpful or harmful.  We can look around and see plenty of harmful impacts humans have made.  And we can also look around for helpful and positive impacts.

Then there are people who don’t seem to be making any impact.

But what if we decide to make a positive impact?  We discover our purpose.  We discover meaning.

While we are designed for impact, it is up to each of us to discover our own unique point of impact — and make that impact!

Let’s talk about your “impact design” and why you need to make that impact.

(This is the final episode of the Immutable Laws of Living Series.  The rest of the series is linked below.)

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