3 Things You Are NOT: #61 Thriveology Podcast

You are NOT your thoughts, your experiences, or other's opinions of you.We all have the same question:  “Who am I?”

Today, I want to suggest there are some things we are NOT:

  • We are NOT our thoughts.
  • We are NOT our experiences.
  • We are NOT others’ opinions of us.

Many times, we make the mistake and assume we are our thoughts, our experiences, or others’ opinions.

When that happens, we get stuck.  We limit ourselves.  We become uni-dimensional.

Much of this starts in our thoughts.  So, after I let you know why we are NOT our thoughts, our experiences, or the opinions of others, I focus on what to do with your thoughts.

Do you make the mistake, at least from time to time, with confusing a thought with reality?  Do you sometimes recognize a thought for what it is:  a thought?  How do we do less of the former and more of the latter?

Listen to discover how!

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