Release From Resentment: #25 Thrive Nation Podcast

In the last podcast, we took a look at regretFreeYourselfFromResentment.  Regret ties you to the past.  And so does resentment.  Resentment keeps us tied to past events and hurts, keeping us from living in the present.

More than that, resentment keeps us tied to pain and anger.  It causes us to keep our distance, protect ourselves, and close ourselves off.  Resentment ends up being a cage.

But you don’t have to be caged by resentment.  you can free yourself and let go of your resentment.

You are designed to be free of resentment.  It is a natural process, once you get out of your own way.  Learn why resentment sticks around and how to release it in this week’s podcast.

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