3 Steps to Dealing With Doubt: 40 Thriveology Podcast

Dealing with doubt.That tiny little voice whispers to us:  “Don’t do it.  Don’t try it.  You can’t do it.  You won’t make it.”

That little voice of doubt.

Do you have it?

You do.

How do I know?

We ALL have it.  We all believe we are the only ones suffering from those feelings of doubt.

But those doubts are universal.  Nobody is immune.

When you look at someone and see confidence, you might believe differently.

That confidence is the outward emotion.  It doesn’t mean the internal feeling is of self-doubt and fear.

The very talented and famous actor, Sir Laurence Olivier, suffered from stage fright.  Yet his performances sparkled.  His great acting was not because he had no doubt, no fear.  It was in spite of his fears and doubts.

Sometimes, we find it easier to give in to the fears and doubts.  We decide to “play it small,” to avoid the challenge.  And in the end, we allow the self-doubt to win.

In this week’s podcast, I offer a 3 step process to stop self-doubt in its tracks.  Don’t let self-doubt keep you stuck!