Your Value, Your Thoughts, Your Beliefs – Interview with Travis Sago: #33 Thriveology Podcast

We continue to take a look at how those beliefs and thoughts get in the way of discovering your own value.


That’s Travis!

This week, I had the great pleasure and honor of interviewing Travis Sago.

If you don’t know Travis, he is an internet entrepreneur and teacher.  He has taught many people how to prosper through the internet.  But more and more, Travis is helping people break through their barriers that keep them from building the life they want.

Listen in as Travis and I discuss why people fail to see their own unique value to the world (and their path to success/life satisfaction).  We note how our beliefs and thoughts (beliefs are those thoughts we keep telling ourselves) keep us stuck — and how to get beyond that.

Take a listen!

You can find Travis at the MojoPreneur Facebook Page.


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