Anatomy Of An Apology: #13 ThriveNation

ThriveologyApologyHave you ever apologized, only to have it backfire on you, the other person even more angry than before?  Have you ever had someone apologize to you, but for some reason, it left you feeling more frustrated?

I’ve been there — on both sides!  And after watching countless apologies in therapy sessions (some good and some more like a politician’s “apology”), I noted some “rules” to apologies that work.  An apology that works is one that a) takes responsibility for actions, and b) leads to reconciliation.

Would you like to know the 4 rules to an effective apology?  I cover it in this week’s Thriveology Podcast, the podcast for thrivers.

Take a listen and let me know in the comments area below, what rules did I miss?

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  • Peter Tayar-Watson

    Lee – thanks for your excellent podcast on apologies. I had listened to the one one forgiveness also before and both very helpful. Could you address in future what can you do when the other person will not apologise. Do you have any tips in this case. Many thanks, Peter