Interview with Julie Michaels, Taming the Ego Mind: Episode 10, Thriveology Podcast

TamingEgoMindEver notice how your mind can hold you back, keep you from making the changes you “think” you want to make?  Your mind is sabotaging your progress, whether you know it or not.

Today, I have the honor of talking with Julie Michaels ( ).  Julie is a Master Life Coach, specializing in helping people make permanent shifts to their their dream life — whatever that is!

Julie believes that we all carry an ancient (and yet child-like) mind that is afraid of change.  The fear comes from an inability to see and understand the new reality.  That part of the mind likes to live in a world of same-ness and “known-ness,” not the world of newness and possibility.

At the same time, there are methods and technologies that can help get you there.  Listen in as Julie and I discuss how to make the necessary shift.

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