Putting It All Together: Your Thriving Body

Your Thiving Body Series Wrap-Up:  Putting It All Together.There is one reason I shared the Thriving Body Series:  so you can build a thriving body.  I have noticed that we live in a culture of body-shaming or body-ignoring.  We live in a world focused on “what you look like,” compared to some ideal created by media.  So, many people feel inadequate — leading to giving up or dysfunctional lifestyles.

Others simply pretend they don’t inhabit a body.  That is no better.  People act as if their physical body doesn’t count, ignoring the fact that their body is what takes them through life in this world.

What if the focus was on being healthy and well?  As well as possible, and healthy as possible, given the limits of each person’s own body.  Might that be a better “third way?”

During this series, I tried to focus on some big rubrics of a thriving body:  eating to nourish that body, exercising to build that body, resting to recharge that body, de-stressing to reduce the wear-and-tear on the body.

Now, we wrap the series up.  Let’s put it together and build a thriving body, so you can have a thriving life!

Your Thriving Body Series:
Fueling Your Thriving Body
Fueling You Thriving Body, Pt. 2

Moving Your Thriving Body
Resting Your Thriving Body
Calming Your Thriving Body

Fueling Your Thriving Body, Part 2 – Your Questions Answered

Part 2 of fueling your thriving body.  Answering your questions.Two podcasts ago, I covered fueling your thriving body (how to eat to thrive).

That raised some questions.  So this week, I answer your questions.

Let’s talk some more about the best sources for energy when you are fueling that thriving body.

And I can tell you some more of the reasons I have chosen the approach I follow.

It may not fit for you.  But just last night, I was chatting with several people who adopted my strategy when they saw the changes in my life.  To a person, they have become healthier and more resilient.  Several were able to drop prescriptions.  Several reported having symptoms disappear — things that had kept them from being active and involved (thriving, I would say).

Listen below for the 2nd part of Fueling Your Thriving Body.

Your Thriving Body Series:
Fueling Your Thriving Body
Moving Your Thriving Body

Moving Your Thriving Body

Moving your thriving body: Exercise.We addressed how to fuel your thriving body (how to eat) last week.  That is a fundamental building block of a thriving body.

But what about building that thriving body?  That is all about exercise.

I look for the M.E.D. (Minimally Effective Dosage) of exercise.  What is the minimum you need to do, in order to get your body in shape?

It takes FAR less time than you might imagine.  In fact, many people OVER-exercise and miss the mark of building a thriving body.  They end up tearing it down, all in the effort of building it up.  (I see this mistake all the time.)

If you are wanting to get started, but can’t imagine fitting one more thing into your day, how about as little as 7 minutes?

Let’s talk about what to do to build your thriving body.  Listen below.

Your Thriving Body Series:
Fueling Your Thriving Body

Fueling Your Thriving Body

Fueling your thriving body.  Eating to thrive.Last week, we started a new series, Your Thriving Body.  My focus is on how we build a thriving body.  Not a “beach body,” not a six-pack.  Not any particular body shape.  But a thriving body.

We all have limits and limitations.  But how can we best live a thriving life, physically?

This became important to me when I was sick, realizing that I had neglected an important part of thriving:  your body has to take you through life.

With that in mind, we look at how you fuel your body.  I want to share my own journey of understanding the foods that best nurture my body.  We may not agree on all the pieces.  But I want to share my approach — and the “why” of my approach.

Fueling your body, nourishing it, is about experimenting with what works best for you.  So, lets chat about that!

Your Thriving Body

Your Thriving BodySomehow I missed it.  I was cruising through life, doing my thing, working hard, and trying to move forward.

What did I miss?

That my body was what took me through life.

And it was quite a rude awakening.  Like a doctor telling you and your wife that you were headed for total disability — and then death.

That will wake you up! (Well, it woke me up, for sure.)

Here I was, learning about thriving and resilience, and my body was NOT thriving.  I was overweight, out of shape — and almost out of time!

You can hear the whole story in this week’s podcast.  But clearly, I did not die (at least, not yet).  And I began to recover my lost health.  I got serious about this body that had to carry me through life.  And I learned a few lessons along the way.

In this new series, I want to share some of what I learned.

(NOTE:  I am not a trainer, dietician, or physician.  This information comes from my own studies and experience.  I hope it is useful.  But it is not intended to replace the advice of experts.)