Success Leaves A Trail

CoreyPoirierWe can fail in so many ways.  Often, it is just a matter of stumbling through, not looking for a better path.  We forge new paths to failure.  That is often “life on automatic.”

If someone has succeeded, though, they leave a trail.  The more people who succeed that same way just make the trail more clear, the path easier to follow.  Success always leaves a trail.  Everywhere in life.

When I wanted to write a book, I knew I could stumble through… and maybe I would succeed.

Or maybe I would fail.

An easy way to fail?  Never figuring out how to start.  Never writing.  That would certainly keep me from writing a book.  But there were lots of other ways to fail at it.

Or… I could talk to others who had done it.

Success leaves a trail.

Corey Poirier is a professional speaker.  But he has another distinction.  He has interviewed over 5000 high-achievers.  And over time, he noticed some common traits of high-achievers.

I had a chance to interview Corey… while he was getting rushed out of his hotel room!  The life of a speaker!

Anyway, in our interview, Corey shared the 5 top traits of high-achievers.  These traits are not just about business (although they apply there).  They are also about life!

Listen below.

Corey Poirier’s Website
Success and Purpose
Best Start To The Day

Make A Mistake!: #15 Thriveology Podcast

Make mistakes and Thrive!“The successful man will profit from his mistakes and
try again in a different way.”
? Dale Carnegie

We all make mistakes.  No way around that.  But do you try to avoid making mistakes?  STOP!

That doesn’t mean you should stop caring, become careless, and try to make mistakes.  But perhaps we should all risk making more mistakes.

In this week’s podcast, I examine our fears of making mistakes. . . and why those fears can keep us stuck!

We came into this world, making mistakes repeatedly.  That is how we learned to crawl, walk, run, talk, read, and just about every other skill.  And we didn’t care back then.

Then one day, most of us adopt the rule, “don’t make a mistake.”  Too bad!  That usually means we are playing small, missing opportunities, and not likely to grow.

Join me for this podcast, “Make A Mistake!”  Then let me know what mistakes you have made, what you learned, and how we can ALL make more productive mistakes!  Leave a comment below.

Thriveology Interview with Harrison Klein: Ep. 12, Thriveology Podcast

Harrison Klein InterviewToday, I have the pleasure of interviewing “I AM” philosopher and theorist, Harrison Klein.  Mr. Klein is an expert in the Law of Attraction, but goes beyond that in this podcast.  We talk about the powerful notion of “I AM.”

Join me in this lively discussion with Harrison Klein as we explore the Law of Attraction and I AM.

You can find more about Harrison Klein at The Masters Gathering.

Interview with Julie Michaels, Taming the Ego Mind: Episode 10, Thriveology Podcast

TamingEgoMindEver notice how your mind can hold you back, keep you from making the changes you “think” you want to make?  Your mind is sabotaging your progress, whether you know it or not.

Today, I have the honor of talking with Julie Michaels ( ).  Julie is a Master Life Coach, specializing in helping people make permanent shifts to their their dream life — whatever that is!

Julie believes that we all carry an ancient (and yet child-like) mind that is afraid of change.  The fear comes from an inability to see and understand the new reality.  That part of the mind likes to live in a world of same-ness and “known-ness,” not the world of newness and possibility.

At the same time, there are methods and technologies that can help get you there.  Listen in as Julie and I discuss how to make the necessary shift.