Life Is The NOW

Life Is The NOW.Do you ever find yourself “lost in thought?”  I am willing to bet your thoughts are pulling to the past, the future, or an alternate past.  In other words, you are thinking about what happened (or you wish had happened) or about what might happen.

But life is flying by right NOW.  And being lost to the past/future of your mind.

We humans are blessed and cursed.  We are blessed with the capacity of imagining and remembering.  We file memories away through language.  If I said, “What did you do last Saturday?”, you would search your memory database by wondering, “What DID I do last Saturday?”  Then, you would recall the party or event you attended.  As far as I can tell, my dog doesn’t recall much when I ask about our walk yesterday.  Language.

You can also imagine what could be through imagination.  I could ask, “What do you want to do next summer?”  Off your mind would go, imagining what next summer might hold.  Asking my dog about his thoughts for next summer is likely not creating much of a mental thought process for him.

But that curse. . . .

You can also think back on that bad encounter last week with your friend or spouse.  You can worry about what next week might hold at work.  You can remember those hurts and pains from childhood.  You can worriedly think about your finances in retirement.

Same process.

And whether reflecting on good events or bad, imagining good things or bad, we can all lose track of this moment, this NOW.  We humans have the unique ability (and dis-ability) of mentally living in times other than NOW.

As I discuss in this week’s free audio podcast, Life is the NOW.

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What Thriving People Do To Show Up

Show UP to life!Think about 2 types of people.  First, there are the ones that trudge through the day, waiting for the next thing.  They may have a conversation with you, but nobody is really there.  They are a bit vacant and distant.  Often, their eyes are a bit dull.

The second group of people seem to embrace the day — this moment. . .  this moment. . . this moment. . . .

When you speak with them, they are listening, hanging onto your words, eyes twinkling and flashing.

That second group of people?  They are Showing Up.  They are present in the present.

Where do you place yourself?  Which group do you fit into?  Which group would you like to be MORE like?

Thrivers are the ones that Show Up to life.  Learn how thrivers do it, and how anyone can do it more and more.

My Word for 2015: Present

This moment is all we have.  Be in it.Last week, I talked about my 1 word resolution.

This week, I want to tell you about my word.  See if it applies to you, too!

I often find myself impatient, caught in my thoughts, distracted by something else, or plagued by “What if?”, “If only. . .”, “Why?”, “When. . .”, or “I should. . . .”

Oh, I know better.  But I still fall into those traps.  I let those thoughts PULL me away from the present moment.

But I also know this:

This moment is all we have.  Be in it!

This moment passes.  Just like yesterday passed.  The next moment may or may not come.

Yet, we live much of our lives in thoughts of what happened, and fears of what might come.  Our thoughts of “what happened” are really our perceptions of what happened.  Our fears about what might come are not preparations — they are just fears.

We all exist in the present, between what was and what will be.  But we live in the only two time-frames of which we have no control.  We can’t change what happened, and we can’t know what will happen.

Which brings me to my word:  Present.

My task this year:  to be more present.  To be less distracted.  To live in the moment I am in. . . as much as possible.

When I fail?  That’s OK.  That moment passes, and I have a new opportunity to live in the present.

How about you?  Will you join me in the present?

Listen in as I admit my growing edge, and tell you how I will be more present.