Your Life Is YOUR Responsibility

Immutable Laws of Living Series

Your Life is YOUR Responsibility:  Immutable Law of Living100%

All you.

Your life is 100% your responsibility.  (Notice I did NOT say 100% your fault.  HUGE difference between fault and responsibility.)

Your life and how it goes is YOUR responsibility.  That would be your “Ability to Respond.”  You get a choice in that.

Many times, we like to pretend we don’t have choices, we are pushed by forces beyond us.  And yes, things do happen.  We then have a choice on what we do.  That is the responsibility isn’t o

Let me explain further in this week’s podcast episode.  Hit the “play” button below!

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Act On Your Convictions

Thrivers act on their convictions.We all move through life, either purposely choosing a direction, or allowing the vicissitudes of life to push us along.  Either way, we are making a choice.  We are either choosing our directions or choosing to let ourselves be moved about.

Thrivers make a choice to move through life based on their convictions.  Their moral compass guides them through choosing directions.

Some people have described this as “what you do when nobody is looking.”  While this is true, it is also what you do when everybody is looking!  When the pressure is on to go in a certain direction, do we choose to follow our convictions or follow the crowd?  When we have a personal choice, do we follow our own internal compass or take the easy choice?

Usually, the seemingly “easy” choice is not.  In the human desire to “not rock the boat,” though, we end up just moving the tough stuff down the road a bit.  And not surprisingly, by the time we get there, the complications have set in.  The tough stuff is tougher.

Thriving is often realizing that going through and dealing with the tough stuff is a crucial part of life.  So, thrivers choose to go ahead and make the tough decisions.  They take responsibility right then, and they make the tough choices — based on their convictions.

Listen for how to act on convictions.

The Success Principles with Jack Canfield

Jack CanfieldOne of my favorite authors and experts is Jack Canfield.  My kids grew up with Chicken Soup For The Soul.  I “grew up” with The Success Principles, a book that gave me a plan to shift my mindset.

A while back, I ran into Jack at a conference.  We chatted and committed to an interview.

Today was the day!

Jack and I really got into some important topics.  We talked about being 100% responsible (one of his Principles), and what that means.

One of my favorite principles is the equation, E + R = O (event + response = outcome).  We had a chance to discuss that equation in-depth.  This is a crucial formula for thriving in life.

As we discussed fear, Jack talked about the fact that fear is NOT a stop sign.  It is simply a caution sign.  And then Jack discussed a way to even eliminate that fear (a slight movement away from the “feel the fear and do it anyway” idea from his earlier work).

SuccessPrinciplesCoverIs your life where you want it to be?  If not, please listen in and discover how to start getting there.  Jack gives specific steps to take.

If you want to learn more, go to, or GRAB HIS BOOK right here.

You can find the interview below.

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“Failure To Thrive” versus “Thriving” Mindset: #16 Thrive Nation Podcast

ThrivingMindsetGlassesA mindset is like a pair of sunglasses.  It colors the world you see, but after just a few moments of wearing the glasses, you forget how the color is changed by the sunglasses.

Your mindset colors the world around you, affecting how you see and understand people and events.  It also affects how you react and respond to people and events.

Which mindset do you have?  Do you have a “failure to thrive” mindset or a “thriving” mindset?