Every Perspective Is Limited

Every perspective is limited:  Immutable Law of LivingYou’ve probably heard the story about the group of blind men describing an elephant, all touching a different part of the elephant.  Not surprisingly, they all have a different view of what an elephant is. . . because they have a limited perspective.

We ALL have a limited perspective.  We ALL only partly see reality — then promptly pretend/believe we see reality clearly.  We don’t.  None of us.

Which may be part of the issue with our world today.  Politics, science, religion, education, diet, social issues. . . we tend to each believe our own view is the correct one.  So, there is an inadvertent amount of energy spent trying to fix the “other person’s” viewpoint. . . forgetting the limits we all have on perspective.

In our higher moments, we can easily see that we only see partially.  In calm times, we understand that we all have limitations, imperfect views and attitudes.  But when we fill challenged or stressed, we forget, and we start to believe we see things as they ARE.

Which is, perhaps, why we struggle to get along.

And this is when we violate the Immutable Law of Living:  Every Perspective Is Limited.  Listen to this week’s podcast below.

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Grill That Sacred Cow! — Innovate: #18 Thriveology Podcast

Don't let the Sacred Cow keep you stuck.  Innovate.Perhaps it is that feeling of Spring, and my grill waiting for me.  But I have been thinking about Sacred Cows — those ideas, principles, choices, and actions that are not questionable.  They keep us stuck.

And they head us for trouble.  When something becomes the “Sacred Cow” in our life, family, relationships, or business, our potential for growth is stymied.

Eventually, what was sacred only keeps us stuck.

In this week’s podcast, we look at the cycle of innovation that leads to stagnation:
1)  Innovation

2)  Tradition

3)  Sacred Cow

And we look at how to change that.  I offer five ways to make sure you don’t get stuck.

Let me know what you think!