Loops got you stuck?It’s just human nature.  We like things

And when they’re not, they can often tug at us, pulling energy and focus away.  When things are left hanging, we feel (oh, by the way, the last word from that first line is “finished”) incomplete, unfinished, unsatisfied.

So, what is a “Loop?”  Great question.  This one concept, if you understand it, will help you get free.  If you feel stuck, this is something you need to understand.  More than that, this is one of the most. . .

Tell you what, I’ll let you listen and hear for yourself.

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How Big is Your BUT?: #35 Thriveology Podcast

How Big Is Your BUT?I know.  It’s a personal question.  How BIG is your BUT?

Oh, just to clarify, I am not talking about anatomy.  I am talking about language.  Words.  In particular, THAT word:  “BUT.”

We say it all the time:  “Blah, blah, BUT, blah blah.”  or “Yes, BUT, blah, blah.”

Two overused and limiting uses of that one word.

I am the first to admit that the word does serve a purpose, AND there are times when it is very appropriate to us it.  BUT the word has the potential for keeping us stuck.  It can rob us of responsibility, initiative, and potentiality.

The power of the word is what happens in our mind.  It negates.  It may serve to negate everything you just said, or it may serve to negate everything the other person just said.

Either way, it can keep you from growing and developing.

DON’T let that one word keep you stuck.

Join me in getting rid of “but” when it serves to limit.