The Thrive Principles Simplified

Today is a big day for me.  It is the release date for my new book, Thrive Principles.  This book is near and dear to my heart.  I have lived with it for years, collecting and developing the strategies throughout my career.

The fifteen strategies can help you build a thriving life, regardless of what is going on in your life.  Tough times or easy times, we can all thrive throughout life.

Please check out my new baby at the book’s website RIGHT HERE.

The Thrive Principles SimplifiedSince I have spent a great deal of time thinking about these principles, I have come to understand how intertwined the principles are.  In fact, I have realized that you don’t have to focus on all 15.  Choose a few.  The others will almost naturally come through.

A coaching client challenged me, “Can you boil it down?  Make it stupid-simple.”

So I did.  But I wanted to be clear, “Simple” does not equal “Easy.”  If someone wants an easy way to thrive. . . it doesn’t exist.  In fact, taking the easy way is how many people suffer and stay stuck.

What I discovered in coaching was focusing on two pieces is the core of it all:
1)  Personal Responsibility
2) Meaning/Purpose/Impact Triad

Put your focus there and you thrive.  The other principles serve as clarifying and support strategies.

I cover these two pieces in today’s podcast below.

In the meantime, please CHECK OUT MY NEW BOOK HERE.

You Are Designed For Impact!

We are designed for impact.  Immutable Law of Living.When I look around, it seems that everything has a design, a purpose.  Trees have a design of making leaves and fruit.  When the design fails, the tree fails and dies.

I believe humans have a design built in.  We are designed for making an impact.  The impact can be helpful or harmful.  We can look around and see plenty of harmful impacts humans have made.  And we can also look around for helpful and positive impacts.

Then there are people who don’t seem to be making any impact.

But what if we decide to make a positive impact?  We discover our purpose.  We discover meaning.

While we are designed for impact, it is up to each of us to discover our own unique point of impact — and make that impact!

Let’s talk about your “impact design” and why you need to make that impact.

(This is the final episode of the Immutable Laws of Living Series.  The rest of the series is linked below.)

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When Fear Has You Stuck. . .

Don't let fear keep you stuck.Fear.  It hits us all.  And I’m not talking about a “fright,” a startle from something around you.  But fear.  True fear.

We all have it.  But it doesn’t have to keep you stuck.

The real problem is our relationship with fear.  We learn to avoid fear — and the things that provoke fear.

In fact, it is not the thing, but our thoughts and avoidance of even feeling the fear, that keeps us stuck.

Too many times, people will mention something they want to do, then continue with why that can’t because of a fear.

It is as if the fear has some power to stop the dreams, the hopes, the aspirations.  The only power the fear has is the power we give it.

The antidote?  Courage.  Action.  Courageous action.

Here’s how:

“We Aren’t Getting Out Alive” – Make It Count!

We won't get out of life alive.  So make it count.No, I am not predicting a huge catastrophe, destroying the world.  And I am not stuck in a disaster area.

But I remember hearing someone say that about life:  “We aren’t getting out of here alive.”  Simple.  And profound.

Between birth and death, what is life about?

I have come to believe that we humans have a unique gift:  we are built to make an impact, a difference in life.  We can make a negative impact or a positive impact.  But we WILL make an impact.

As I have watched people, when you aim at positive impact, your life takes on purpose and meaning.  It becomes significant to you.  And you begin to move toward something bigger and greater.

Are you standing in the impact zone, or are you still stuck?

Make An Impact

Make an impact!  You were designed for that.It is my observation that humans are designed to make an impact, to make a difference, in the world.

It is also my observation that, when we stop making an impact, we start acting in unhealthy ways.  Addictions are fueled by a lack of making a difference.  It leaves a hole that people seek to fill with unhealthy options.

People become despondent, depressed, and hopeless.  Quickly, the world looks like a hostile place, full of greedy people who are only out for themselves.

That often ends up only being a reflection of what we most fear.

[tweetthis]Make an impact. Leave your comfort zone and enter your Impact Zone.[/tweetthis]

The amazing thing about making an impact is the ripple effect.  Wherever you start, the effect begins to grow, often in exponential ways.  You start making an impact in your own life, and it grows.  Perhaps you start making healthy choices.  Those choices lead to other healthy choices.  People around you notice, and they begin to make healthy choices.  People around them do the same.  It grows, it ripples outward.

Or perhaps you start to volunteer somewhere, start making a difference in the lives of the people of that organization.  Their lives change.  They begin changing other lives.  The ripples go on and on.

When we don’t make an impact, but only stay in our comfort zone, the waves crash in on us, pushing us down.

But the way out from under is one thing:  action.  Not a “change the world” action, but a small action.  One that grows.  Soon, your impact is growing.

Join me in this podcast, as I discuss how thrivers make an impact!