Journaling for a Change

Do you journal?  It is a great tool for reflecting on life, processing events and emotions, and finding new perspectives.

Some people think journaling is just “adult diary-ing.”  And for some, a journal really is just a place to put down the events of the day (really, that is your perceptions of the events of the day).  It is just a way to record what happened and move forward.

Then, others use their journal to look for themes and insights.  Deeper than just a running commentary of life, journaling becomes an activity of insight and perspective.

But what happens when you want to journal, but find yourself facing an empty page… not even sure what to write?  What if you actually do write something?  How do you shift to a point of reflection and perspective?

Those two questions stop lots of people who want to journal from ever committing to the process.  Or from actually learning from the process.

What if there was a tool that solved both of those dilemmas?

Kim AdesEnter my colleague, Kim Ades.  Her coaching services use a journaling process to connect coach and client.  But Kim knew the tool she built for that journaling had the potential to help others in their journaling… without the coaching component.

In this episode of Thriveology Podcast, Kim and I discuss the power of journaling, along with how you can try her journaling tool for free… to see the transformational power of journaling.

Listen below to learn more.

Kim’s Journaling Tool
Interview About Kim’s Coaching Process
Stuck in Your Story

Your Thoughts, Your Story, You’re Stuck (or not)

Your life is created by the story you tell. The story you tell is made by the thoughts you have. The thoughts you have come from beliefs you hold. And those beliefs? Not as true as you think.You are telling a story, to yourself or to somebody else.  In your mind, you are just telling the facts, “telling it like it is,” and “just the facts, ma’am.”  But rarely is it just the facts.  It may include facts, but there is a “fiction” that is added on — the fiction comes from your beliefs and perspective.

We have this running story in our minds, that creates the narrative of our lives.  And that very narrative is what gets us stuck.  Those thoughts come from a set of beliefs.  Those beliefs come because we repeatedly think the same thoughts, coming to believe them as fact.

But it is possible to get unstuck, simply by stepping back and noticing those thoughts.

Your life is created by the story you tell.  The story you tell is made by the thoughts you have.  The thoughts you have come from beliefs you hold.  And those beliefs?  Not as true as you think.

Listen in as Kim Ades (expert coach in your thinking process) and I discuss a real-life situation of someone stuck in a thought process.

And learn a simple technique you can use to get yourself unstuck from those thoughts.  Check it out in this week’s podcast below.

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