Is Comfort Killing You?

Is comfort killing us?  What we can learn from discomfort.We all often seek comfort.

But is the comfort we find killing us?

Is the comfort, perhaps more subtly, holding us back?

Here is the problem:  we find something comfortable, something “better,” something bigger.  Then, instead of bigger, better, more comfortable, it just becomes the routine.

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Habituation is the process by which anything becomes the normal.  Buy your dream home/car/watch/whatever.  Quickly, it is “just” a home/car/watch/whatever.  The dream disappears.

Or go the other way:  lose a job, have to downsize.  At first, it hurts.  Then, it becomes a new normal.  You “habituate,” either way.

The problem is, our insatiable move toward comfort becomes more and more limiting:  “I’ll only fly first class,” “I have simple tastes:  only the best,” etc., etc.

Food gets richer, exercise has to be “comfortable,” and we find ourselves unable to tolerate discomfort.

Here is the problem:  every life has discomfort and struggle.  When we are always looking only for comfort, we tend to avoid the discomfort.  And over time, we become uncomfortable about any discomfort.

But what if we could be more comfortable with discomfort?  What if we could take on some small discomforts as inoculation against big discomfort?

Listen below and see how that might help, and how to do it.

Grill That Sacred Cow! — Innovate: #18 Thriveology Podcast

Don't let the Sacred Cow keep you stuck.  Innovate.Perhaps it is that feeling of Spring, and my grill waiting for me.  But I have been thinking about Sacred Cows — those ideas, principles, choices, and actions that are not questionable.  They keep us stuck.

And they head us for trouble.  When something becomes the “Sacred Cow” in our life, family, relationships, or business, our potential for growth is stymied.

Eventually, what was sacred only keeps us stuck.

In this week’s podcast, we look at the cycle of innovation that leads to stagnation:
1)  Innovation

2)  Tradition

3)  Sacred Cow

And we look at how to change that.  I offer five ways to make sure you don’t get stuck.

Let me know what you think!