Playing Life For Real

David Wood, Playing Life For Real, playforreal.lifeHow’s your life going? The way you want?  Or not quite?  Do you want to “level up” and play a bigger game?  Have a bigger life?

In this episode of the Thriveology Podcast, I chat with David Wood, successful-entrepreneur-turned-life-coach.  Nope, not a business coach (although he does some of that), but a life coach.  Helping successful people “level up” to more success.

While David had been successful in his work, something was missing — connection.  Tied to an early childhood trauma (we talk about it), David decided to “play it safe” with relationships… and then realized that “playing it safe” kept him disconnected and distant.


Playing bigger.  Taking risks.  Daring.  And Caring.

David starts with a question, “What if we are living in a maze, running it every day?  We can keep doing that, or we can step back and decide to play it bigger.”

Using his 3 Pillars and 4 Point Plan, David points the way to anyone wanting to play on a bigger field.  To play “full out” in the game of life — which David notes is a very important game!

Listen below.

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4 Steps To Regain Your Focus

4 steps to regaining your focus.About a month ago, you may have made a few resolutions.  Or maybe you didn’t need a resolution.  You already had a direction.  You knew where you were headed.

How’s it going?  Are you on-track??  Focused???  Making progress????

If you aren’t, consider yourself normal.  But before you console yourself too much, you don’t have to stay stuck.

Yes, losing focus is normal.  No, it does not lead you toward a rich and thriving life.  It just protects the status quo.

Stephen Covey notes how the “Important and Urgent” of life usually gets done, because it has to get done.  But the “UnImportant and Urgent” often gets our attention, after the important and urgent.  The “Important and Not Urgent” is where we often lose our focus.  Sometimes, we get lost even in the “UnImportant and Non Urgent,” which is a huge time-suck (think TV, FB, etc., etc., etc.).

Why do we lose focus?  We humans are funny that way, aren’t we?

Here’s the problem:  those “Important but Not Urgent” can suddenly become URGENT.  Health, for example, is important.  But we often don’t pay attention. . . until something bad happens.  THEN it becomes urgent!

Or how about relationships?  A marriage is important.  But until it is a crisis, many people don’t realize it is also urgent.  Then, there is a crisis, and it becomes URGENT.

Let me suggest 4 steps to regaining your focus.  Listen below and regain your focus!

You Feel Your Focus

You feel your focus.What is your focus?

Do you focus on the threats and dangers, the “what’s wrong” of life?

It is seductive.  The “news” surrounds us with stories that can lead you to believe we are in danger at every turn.

The “self-help” world tells us all the things that are “wrong” with us.

And our brain latches on to those messages.  Our brain gets sucked into the fears and threats.

So why do we seem to miss all that is “right,” going well, and good?

The “Amygdala Hijack” is to blame.

Unless we choose our focus, we will become focused on the fearful, the dangerous, the threatening.

And we will miss the beautiful, the hopeful, the meaningful, and the inspirational.

Let’s talk about how you limit your exposure.  Let me tell you about 5 ways to take back your brain and your mind from the Amygdala Hijack.


This Moment Matters: Interview with Shawn Ellis, #42 Thriveology Podcast

Shawn-400x600We fill every day up.  In fact, we often fill every moment of every day up.

And the moments pass.  The days pass.

We move from crisis to crisis, event to event.

We try to do multiple things at the same time, and pretend it is a skill.

In the process, we miss out on the richness of this moment.  We miss out on being truly engaged in the world.

Today, I have a special guest, Shawn Ellis.

Shawn offers a different perspective.  What if THIS moment (and this one, and this one. . . ) matters?

To be more clear, what if WE realize that this moment matters?

Shawn, like me, is always learning and growing.  One day, he realized the moments were passing him by in a blur.  An entrepreneur, business owner, husband, and father, Shawn was pulled in all directions — defaulting to the myth of multi-tasking.

One day, he realized that life was passing him by, even as Shawn was trying to live.

What Shawn discovered is something he is now sharing with people and companies all over:  This Moment Matters.

After listening to our discussion, you can visit Shawn at This Moment Matters (