Solving The Control Paradox

How to solve the Control Paradox.Control.  We all want it.  We strive for it, wrestle for it, grab for it. . . and end up trying to control the wrong things.

Human nature.  We try to control the things we can’t control, and abdicate control over the things we should control.

When we try to control people, events, and things external to us, we are headed for frustration and failure.

When we seek to control things within ourselves, we discover resolve and build a thriving life.

And yet, we generally seek to control those external things.  That happens out of fear.

At the same time, we fail to control those internal things within us.  That happens out of blame (and fear).

Time to solve the Control Paradox!  (Listen below for how to solve it.  And hey, if you find it useful, could you SHARE so that others can find it?)


What Thriving People Know About Assuming Responsibility

Assume 100% responsibility for your life.That word, “responsibility,” is such a loaded term.  I immediately go back to childhood, where some adult was saying, “who’s responsible for this mess?”

What they were really asking was, “Who’s fault is this?”

And nobody wants to be blamed.  So, everyone sits quietly.

Perhaps a better question would be, “Who will take responsibility for fixing this?”

Who did it?  Often, it doesn’t matter.  Who will deal with it?  Usually, in your life, it is YOU.

The word, “Responsibility,” is really “Ability to Respond.”  We all have it.  But Thrivers accept responsibility for their lives.  They assume 100% responsibility for their own lives.

How about you?

Here’s what Thrivers do, and how we all can do more of it.