Emotional Potty-Training

Rachel Kaplan - Emotional Potty-TrainierHow are you with your emotions?

This isn’t a question on whether you are “in touch with your emotions” or not.  It is how you process the emotions.

Some people have, well, “emotional diahrrea.”  Emotions just dump wherever and whenever.

Others have “emotional constipation.”  They just can’t get them out.  Emotions get stuck, lodged in hurtful and painful ways.

Maybe we all need a little “emotional potty training.”

When Rachel Kaplan was 14 years old, her boyfriend killed himself, leaving Rachel emotionally wounded.  She blamed herself and tried to make sense of such a tragedy at such a young age.  The emotional wound stayed with her for years.

And it led Rachel on a quest of healing.  First, she wanted to find her own healing.  But over the years, she began to use her new knowledge and skills to bring healing to others.  Trained in Western and Eastern healing approaches, Rachel began to see her work as “emotional potty training.”

She helps people who have buried their emotions deep in a “basement of shame,” which means the emotions cannot process through.  Her task is to help people to find their Authentic Self, to heal their core wounds, and discover their worth.

Listen in as Rachel and I discuss Emotional Potty Training.

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3 Tools for Dealing With Your Anger: #44 Thriveology Podcast

Anger is the external emotion of the internal emotion of hurt.  Anger.

It can be frightening.

It can push you away.  It can push others away.

And expressing anger does little to resolve anger.  In fact, it often only feeds the anger, stoking the fire until it is dangerously out of control.

Anger is a misunderstood emotion.  In fact, it is in not the true emotion.  Anger is the outer expression of the inner emotion of hurt.

When we are hurt, we can feel vulnerable, scared, and hesitant.  So, we don’t express the hurt.  We erupt in anger.

The anger serves to push the source of the hurt away, but does nothing to soothe the hurt.

We shouldn’t be surprised, then, that the hurt persists and the anger grows.  Resentment takes root, creating more destruction and damage.

Is there another way?

In this week’s podcast, I provide you with 3 simple tools that will help you resolve the anger, once-and-for-all.

Join me for this podcast.

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