3 Tools for Dealing With Your Anger: #44 Thriveology Podcast

Anger is the external emotion of the internal emotion of hurt.  Anger.

It can be frightening.

It can push you away.  It can push others away.

And expressing anger does little to resolve anger.  In fact, it often only feeds the anger, stoking the fire until it is dangerously out of control.

Anger is a misunderstood emotion.  In fact, it is in not the true emotion.  Anger is the outer expression of the inner emotion of hurt.

When we are hurt, we can feel vulnerable, scared, and hesitant.  So, we don’t express the hurt.  We erupt in anger.

The anger serves to push the source of the hurt away, but does nothing to soothe the hurt.

We shouldn’t be surprised, then, that the hurt persists and the anger grows.  Resentment takes root, creating more destruction and damage.

Is there another way?

In this week’s podcast, I provide you with 3 simple tools that will help you resolve the anger, once-and-for-all.

Join me for this podcast.

Then let me know what you think below!


Get Unstuck From Your Story: Interview with Kim Ades — #43

Every day, things happen to us.  Circumstances interrupt our lives.  Sometimes, we cause them.  Sometimes, life is just happening to us.

TheStoryYouTellSmallThen, we start telling ourselves stories about those events.  The events are one layer.  And they can be painful.

But much more damaging, and much more trapping, are the stories we tell ourselves about what happened to us.

Have you ever notice how some people keep saying the same things:  “Nobody likes me,” “Life isn’t fair,” “I never catch a break,” “It’s not my fault,” and other “stuck” stories?

Others tell stories of success, “I can’t believe how lucky I am,” “Something great just happened to me,” and other stories of good luck or success.

The difference between the two is rarely about the life events.  Good stuff and bad stuff happen to everyone.

The difference is in the narrative, the story of life, people tell themselves and others.

Kim AdesOn today’s Thriveology Podcast, I interview Kim Ades.  Kim is the president and chief coach of Frame Of Mind Coaching.  Kim helps people who are ready to really get to the top of their game/life get there.  She helps people discover the stories they tell themselves, and then change it!

Kim is responsible for helping many people transform their lives.

Listen in as Kim and I discuss how these stories grow in our lives — what causes them, why they stay around, and what to do about it.

In fact, Kim and I talk about some strategies you can use RIGHT NOW to start shifting your own story away from being stuck.

If you resonate with our conversation, you can connect with Kim at her website, Frame Of Mind Coaching (CLICK HERE).

This Moment Matters: Interview with Shawn Ellis, #42 Thriveology Podcast

Shawn-400x600We fill every day up.  In fact, we often fill every moment of every day up.

And the moments pass.  The days pass.

We move from crisis to crisis, event to event.

We try to do multiple things at the same time, and pretend it is a skill.

In the process, we miss out on the richness of this moment.  We miss out on being truly engaged in the world.

Today, I have a special guest, Shawn Ellis.

Shawn offers a different perspective.  What if THIS moment (and this one, and this one. . . ) matters?

To be more clear, what if WE realize that this moment matters?

Shawn, like me, is always learning and growing.  One day, he realized the moments were passing him by in a blur.  An entrepreneur, business owner, husband, and father, Shawn was pulled in all directions — defaulting to the myth of multi-tasking.

One day, he realized that life was passing him by, even as Shawn was trying to live.

What Shawn discovered is something he is now sharing with people and companies all over:  This Moment Matters.

After listening to our discussion, you can visit Shawn at This Moment Matters (http://thismomentmatters.com).


Bad Habits? Change Them! (An Interview with Josh Matthews-Morgan): #41

Our brains can work for us or against us.  We can live, stuck in the loops of poor habits.  Or we can create rituals (habits of choice) and transform ourselves.

Bad habits are often habits that worked at one time, but no longer serve us.  Unfortunately, they are wired into our brains.  And we likely go there automatically.

Josh Matthews-MorganBut what if you want to be in peak performance?  How can you make some simple (very small) shifts that not only break old habits, but create new ones — rituals of choice?

Today, I interview Josh Matthews-Morgan.  Josh is a trainer, speaker, author and coach.  Along with his partner, Josh offers training internationally, helping teams and individuals shift to peak performance.

Josh and I cover some pretty amazing stuff, helping you shift your life to a thriving space, aimed at peak performance.

Learn how to break those pesky habits.  Learn how to create better ways of thriving in your life.

And learn how to master your fears that keep you from moving forward!

If you want to learn more about Josh and his work, please watch the free video training he is providing to the Thrive Nation.

You can find the videos here:


3 Steps to Dealing With Doubt: 40 Thriveology Podcast

Dealing with doubt.That tiny little voice whispers to us:  “Don’t do it.  Don’t try it.  You can’t do it.  You won’t make it.”

That little voice of doubt.

Do you have it?

You do.

How do I know?

We ALL have it.  We all believe we are the only ones suffering from those feelings of doubt.

But those doubts are universal.  Nobody is immune.

When you look at someone and see confidence, you might believe differently.

That confidence is the outward emotion.  It doesn’t mean the internal feeling is of self-doubt and fear.

The very talented and famous actor, Sir Laurence Olivier, suffered from stage fright.  Yet his performances sparkled.  His great acting was not because he had no doubt, no fear.  It was in spite of his fears and doubts.

Sometimes, we find it easier to give in to the fears and doubts.  We decide to “play it small,” to avoid the challenge.  And in the end, we allow the self-doubt to win.

In this week’s podcast, I offer a 3 step process to stop self-doubt in its tracks.  Don’t let self-doubt keep you stuck!

Finding Your Hero Within: #39 Thriveology Podcast

Tony Edgell PicDo you believe there is something heroic within you?  Is there a place of bravery within you, calling you to a higher purpose and a place of meaning?

My guest today is speaker and auther, Tony Edgell.  Tony is a self-described “former bully.”  Tony told me he was a bully in school — an extension of the treatment he received himself at home.

Then, Tony graduated to bar fights.  Still, Tony was responding to the hurt from his past.  Tony was still caught by the hurt in his own life, completely disconnected from his heart.

One day, Tony says he took a long look “at the man in the mirror,” and realized he needed to change.  Tony stopped believing the world required him to respond in angry ways.  Tony found he no longer had to defend himself from threats that were never there.

It was then that Tony came to understand Gandhi’s famous quote,

Be the change you wish to see in the world.

The Hero Inside You coverSoon, Tony was discovering a new path for himself.  Tony found himself called to help the rest of the world move from injury and hurt to growth and bravery.

According to Tony, this is the path of discovering your internal hero, the hero within.

Join me as Tony and I discuss the hurts of life and how they leave us limping, and how we often work from our place of hurt.  But more importantly, Tony and I discuss how to work from your place of “heart.”

Discover your hero within, find your purpose and power, and become the person you were meant to be!

Visit Tony Edgell at his website and grab his free video.

Find his book, The Hero Inside You at Amazon.


4 “Can’ts” And How To Change Them

Can't or Won't?I used to be the King of Can’t.  “I can’t do this,” or “We can’t do that” seemed to roll out of my mouth.

Almost all of them were lies.  Well, kind of.

They certainly were not true.  Instead, my “can’ts” were more about mindset and perception than reality.

“I can’t do this” is often less about an impossibility, and more about a lack of skill, lack of desire, or lack of responsibility.

In this week’s podcast, I want to share with you the 4 types of can’ts.  All but 1 are solvable.  And the one that isn’t?  It is the background noise, the given of life.  You simply move forward, in spite of that “can’t.”

Can I share with you the 4 “can’ts” and how to escape the “can’t” trap?

Join me as I try to abdicate my throne of Can’t.

No More Manic Mornings: 3 Steps To A Thriving Start

3 Steps to a calm and thriving morning.It’s just another manic morning.  Not just Mondays, but for many, every day.

Did you know your risk of a heart attack spikes on Monday morning?  There are lots of reasons why this might be the case.  But at least one reason is because we shock ourselves into the world.

For many, every habit of the morning only spikes more adrenaline/cortisol into your body.  This sends people into a fight/flight response before the day even begins.

What if you could reverse this in 10 minutes or less?

3 simple habits can change your entire day.

This is important for everyone, and even more so if you are dealing with any tough points in life.  Nothing ramps up a life crisis like a strong jolt of adrenaline in the morning.  Any resources you had?  Out the window.

Restore some calm without meditation or lots of time.  Just 3 simple habits.

Let me know what you think in the comments area below, and feel free to share!

How To Get Through The Fog: #36 Thriveology Podcast

Getting through emotional fog.Life can be overwhelming.  Problems arise and can truly tap us out of resources.  Sometimes, you realize that it just seems like you are stuck in a fog, not sure where to go or what to do.  Or maybe you know all the things you need to do, but seem to be unable to take a step in that direction.

There is a reason why this is happening, and it is buried deep in your brain.  Your emotional brain is on overdrive, and is leaving you stuck in neutral.

You know that feeling?  You find yourself lost in the midst of life, stuck and frustrated that you are stuck.

This week, we take a look at being stuck in the fog, and I have some concrete suggestions on how to get through those foggy times of life.

Let me suggest 4 direct and important steps that will help you get through the fog and rediscover your clarity.  Don’t let the fog keep you stuck!  You can move forward, in spite of it.

How Big is Your BUT?: #35 Thriveology Podcast

How Big Is Your BUT?I know.  It’s a personal question.  How BIG is your BUT?

Oh, just to clarify, I am not talking about anatomy.  I am talking about language.  Words.  In particular, THAT word:  “BUT.”

We say it all the time:  “Blah, blah, BUT, blah blah.”  or “Yes, BUT, blah, blah.”

Two overused and limiting uses of that one word.

I am the first to admit that the word does serve a purpose, AND there are times when it is very appropriate to us it.  BUT the word has the potential for keeping us stuck.  It can rob us of responsibility, initiative, and potentiality.

The power of the word is what happens in our mind.  It negates.  It may serve to negate everything you just said, or it may serve to negate everything the other person just said.

Either way, it can keep you from growing and developing.

DON’T let that one word keep you stuck.

Join me in getting rid of “but” when it serves to limit.